Webinar: The Benefits of External Storage with IBM i

The Benefits of External Storage with IBM i

Presented by Richie Palma

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In this webinar we will dive into the benefits of external storage for IBM i and how IBM’s storage portfolio complements the demands of IBM i shops of all sizes. 

IBM i with single level storage has always been masterful at managing its own internal storage, and as a result IBM i has been less inclined to lean on external SAN storage. With increased adoption of virtualization, 24×7 operating requirements, and no room for downtime, external storage is growing in popularity for IBM i shops.

Webinar takeaways include:

  • Understand the benefits external storage can deliver to the IBM i infrastructure stack.
  • Understand the role software plays in the storage landscape
  • Better understand the IBM Storage portfolio and what it has to offer.
  • Understand the different disk options and their price/performance value.


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