Using File Shares in IBM i

Chris Flick, Technician at iTech Solutions
Chris Flick, iTech Solutions

How to Remove a File Share

You can stop sharing an existing file share by using IBM Navigator for i or System i Navigator.

To remove a file share, follow these steps: 

In IBM Navigator for i

  1. In IBM Navigator for i, under the IBM i Management node, expand File Systems > Integrated File System.
  2. Navigate through the file system folders until you locate the folder that contains the file for which you want to remove a share.
  3. Click on this folder to display its contents in the console workspace.
  4. Right-click the shared directory that you want to stop sharing in the console workspace and select Sharing > Stop Sharing.
  5. On the Stop Sharing window that displays next, click OK.

In System i Navigator

  1. In System i Navigator, expand My Connections > your system > File Systems > Integrated File System.
  2. Expand the file system that contains the file share that you want to stop sharing.
  3. Right-click the shared directory that you want to stop sharing and select Sharing > Stop Sharing.
  4. On the Stop sharing window that displays next, click OK.

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