The Bell Tolls for Power 8

We have had many customers asking us this year, especially since the announcement of the Power 10 systems when we expect IBM to announce End of Support (EOS) for the Power 8 Systems.  Up until now, we were unable to provide a response.  Now on the back of the EOS announcement of OS 7.3 effective 9/30/2023, IBM has provided the announcement that we have long waited for.

On November 15, IBM formally announced End of Support for the beloved Power 8 Scale-Out and Scale-Up Systems.

For the Scale-Out Systems, this takes effect on April 30, 2024, for the Scale-Up Systems, this takes effect on October 30, 2024.  For more information, you can read the US Announcement here:

With 60% of the Global IBM i installed base at Power 8 or below, this represents a significant Customer base for IBM that is affected by this announcement.  The intent of the announcement is to provide ample time for organizations to plan, strategize and budget to make their technology refresh decisions prior to the EOS date.

There has recently been a significant increase in Hardware Maintenance (HWMA) costs and an additional increase is expected annually.  At the time of EOS, expect maintenance contracts to have annual price increases, and limited response times based on parts availability.

This is also an opportunity to look at Third Party Maintenance providers, such as Service Express.  TPM providers provide a great alternative to OEM maintenance after the warranty period at a greatly reduced cost while providing superior service.  In addition, you’ll find that Service goes beyond the IBM i with maintenance that covers everything in your data center, wall to wall.

Now is the time to properly consider your upgrade path from Power 8 to the newer technologies that IBM has invested heavily in over the years.

Some of the options available are:

  • IBM i In The Cloud – Cloud Hosting
  • On-Premise Power 10 – Technology Refresh
  • On-Premise Power 10 – Pay as you go Subscription

Engaging with iTech Solutions, we will assist you in understanding your options, providing you and your management with the best technology solution and business case, as well as implementing the chosen solution for you.

If your organization has a Power 8 or older technology system and would like to discuss your options regarding a technology migration or understanding extended maintenance, please reach out to your Account Manager or through the Contact Us link.

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