IBM i Managed Services

We’re not just your business partner. Our customers consider us part of their team.

Our Certified Administrators can remotely monitor your IBM i environments 24/7 and react to critical errors in real time.

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Tiered Services to Fit Your Needs

We’ll meet you where you need to be in terms of support. Our tiered managed service offerings are designed to work with your needs and budget.

As our Managed Service customer, 

you’ll be able to take advantage of:

“The managed services have helped us so much since we 

signed on.”

We used to get calls at 2 AM every night, which would wake up at least 2 different people. Since iTech started monitoring our systems, that's completely been eliminated.

Ev Liesch, US Venture

With iTech IBM i Managed Services, you can expect:


Proactive System Monitoring 

We can actively stay on top of all IBM i updates so your environment is always up to date.

Fixed Budgeting 

By going with one of our tiered service plans, your organization can accurately account for cost allocations and only pay for the services you need.

Competitive Advantage 

Our IBM i administrators have the skills and know-how to leverage your IBM i investment, allowing for other business functions to thrive.

Improved Compliance and Security 

Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge of the latest security and regulatory standards, and can provide a comprehensive security plan. 


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