IBM i Cloud Hosting

iTech Solutions Offers IBM i Cloud Hosting 

at Our Tier III Data Centers

By choosing iTech as your cloud provider, your IBM i infrastructure will be designed, built, and maintained by industry leading IBM Power System engineers and a team of IBM technical resources.

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With iTech’s secure cloud, companies can:

  • Consolidate workloads onto fewer systems
  • Increase server utilization
  • Reduce capital costs
  • Lower management costs
  • Virtualize and provision memory, processor, and I/O resources

iTech’s cloud provides a geographically safe separation from your IT environment, allowing your company to access a Disaster Recovery solution for one low, steady monthly fee.


A cloud solution built on IBM POWER® IBM Flash Systems storage technology delivers secure, scalable, and resilient solutions that can meet specific system requirements. iTech’s tier-three data center grants companies access to redundant power, cooling, and communication feeds

Do you have a cloud strategy?

Many organizations are seeing the benefit of cloud. By transitioning different workloads to the cloud, they are able to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.


Has your CIO told you that “… we are going to the cloud”?

If so, you will need to understand and evaluate what it means to move to a cloud alternative. You will want to partner with an organization that has experience with both IBM i cloud and on-premise infrastructure in order to see cloud makes sense for your organization.


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Are you having challenges with current personnel (administration,
retirements, etc.) ?

Coupling cloud hosting with our robust Managed Services offering can help fill gaps in your IBM i support staff.

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[Reasons You Might Need a Managed Services Provider]

Are you having challenges with data center environmental issues?

As the business demands more from your infrastructure, investments have to made to enhance on-premise data centers. The cloud can be an effective alternative.

Have you often thought about what IBM i hosting is, and what it costs?

Contact us about how we can help. Our IBM i cloud hosted infrastructure is scalable, secure and can built to support a wide range of customer needs.


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Do you need additional compute but can’t afford to buy another system or can’t expand your current system?

Does your business need additional processing power or you have the needs for a development or test environment, or hosted High Availability, or a more robust Disaster Recovery plan?

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