IBM i Disaster Recovery

We offer a multitude of Disaster Recovery plans that help companies protect their business-critical data.

Whether you are looking to implement your own Disaster Recovery sites, test your recovery process, safely store data in a secure, cloud-based data center, or use the iTech Solution’s cloud for Disaster Recovery/High Availability, we have the solution.

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Our Backup Solutions

Physical Tape

  • Reliable and simple option
  • Cost effective
  • Cannot be remotely hacked
physical tape
cloud backup

Cloud Backup

  • Secure, reliable data protection infrastructure without the capital investment
  • Disk-based data protection
  • The ability to transfer data quickly and efficiently via data compression and deduplication to reduce transmitted data volume by more than 99%
  • Easy deployment and management
  • Ensured compliance with data protection policies, regulations, and governance

Virtual Tape Libraries with Replication

  • Easy to Install and Deploy
  • Utilizes Existing Tape Backup
  • Software and processes, ie Save21 /BRMS, Robot
  • Multiple parallel read/write backup streams can be achieved to increase overall performance
  • Data Deduplication reduces backup space required from 50:1 to 200:1

Secondary Site Options


iTech’s iInTheCloud hosted environment

3rd Party Data Center

Replicate Data Between Multiple Sites

iTech also provides IBM i High Availability and disaster recovery services that allow companies to replicate data between multiple sites, ensuring that data is always safely stored.

Case Study:
FRS reduces their RTO from 48+ hours to 4 hours with iTech Solutions 

In this episode, Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk with Carl Novit, Vice President and owner of Foodservice & Restaurant Supply (FRS), about his experience with iTech Solutions and how iTech was able to reduce his recovery time objectives when doing his DR and HA.

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Our Disaster Recovery Facility

For companies that wish to avoid the upfront investment of a second system, iTech has also designed and built a world-class data center that utilizes cloud technologies to deliver a secure Disaster Recovery solution. For one fixed monthly payment, you can gain peace of mind.

Our Data Centers are Strategically Located in Michigan

  • Cool Climate
  • Low Risk of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes
  • Few Natural Disasters

Planning, Testing, and Installation

We can meet you where you are when it comes to disaster recovery.

Our team is equipped with the certifications and experience to help you design, build, and implement off-site DR locations. It doesn’t matter if you have a second site, or if you’re using our cloud services, we have your Disaster Recovery needs covered.

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