Setting a User Profile’s Job Description to Produce a Job Log

If you need to set up a User Profile so it creates a job log when the user signs off, the following steps will allow you to set that up.

  1. Copy the QDFTJOB job description and give it a unique name. In this example, we will use “PRFLOGJOBD”.

  1. After creating the new Job Description, go to that job description and choose option 2 to change it and press F10. Page down and change the “Text” parameter under “Message Logging” to *SECLV and change the “Log CL program commands” parameter to *YES.

  1. Press enter.


  1. Next, you will change the user profile that you want the logging enabled for and set the newly created job description as the job description for that user.

  1. Press enter.

Now, when the user signs off, a job log will be created for that user profile.

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