IBM i Upgrades & PTFS

To keep IBM i environments protected and performing at maximum efficiency, it is critical for organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest upgrades, support, and scheduled maintenance.


Even IBM i – one of the top Operating Systems available today – requires necessary maintenance and attention. It is essential to periodically update Operating Systems as IBM and other providers come out with fixes, PTFs, new releases, and technology refreshes. This is not only to resolve issues before they happen, but to also access new features and functions.


When is the last time your IBM i environment had a technology refresh? iTech Solutions can help. Our experienced, certified IBM i experts perform hardware and OS upgrades every day – even complicated PTF (Program Temporary Fixes) and HMC/FSP upgrades – all without impacting production systems or schedules. Out team understands the importance of compatibility between releases; we take the guesswork out of updates and PTFs.


Looking for more information on PTFs? Check out the webinar from Pete Massiello, ‘PTFs: What You Need to Know’.