IBM i Migration Services

Migrating IBM i environments in-house can put a massive strain on internal IT departments. iTech Solutions proven migration methodology can help you get migrated without the pain and the risk.


Oftentimes, departments that juggle upgrades on top of routine IT work can take up to 10 times longer to complete projects when compared to companies that use the skilled resources of iTech Solutions. With extensive experience that includes performing upgrades weekly for businesses of all sizes, iTech has the knowledge, and know-how to investigate and execute this work.


From installation to configuration, setup, and management, iTech’s experts have the knowledge to upgrade:


  • Operating Systems
  • Servers (including AS400 servers to IBM i Power Systems and iSeries OS)
  • Tape technology
  • HMCs (Hardware Management Consoles)


When it comes to hardware upgrades, we understand both the hardware and the save/restore process. This ensures a smoother migration from one machine to another, even if you are migrating from one OS release to another.


When it comes to OS upgrades, why do it yourself when you might perform one upgrade every 3 or 4 years? Add iTech Solutions to your team and simplify your operating system upgrade. We complete hundreds of upgrades a year and will get you to the next release correctly – all with a minimal amount of effort on your part.


Before undergoing an upgrade, companies can test their applications and other software in iTech’s data center. This allows organizations to ensure the success and performance of hardware and software upgrades without jeopardizing your production environment.