IBM i HMC/FSP Upgrades

Companies often forget about upgrading their FSP and HMC, which can cause problems later on. iTech Solutions can help keep your whole IBM i environment current.


These systems are still business-critical, however, and require support and scheduled maintenance. It is critical to keep the OS and PTF levels current. IBM i OS upgrades are unique and require extensive preparation and planning. Times when it is necessary to upgrade or even replace your hardware are just as critical. These are times you need iTech Solutions to step in and ensure upgrades are performed accurately and to the highest standards.


Keeping your Power Systems hardware and IBM i software up-to-date allows your business to take advantage of the latest functions.


iTech Solutions can help keep your organization’s Power Systems servers up-to-date with the latest upgrades and technology refreshes. Our experienced certified IBM i experts can perform the most difficult hardware or OS upgrades. Upgrading from V5R4 has been difficult for many companies, but those companies who have partnered with iTech Solutions have found this transition to be extremely easy.


An upgrade to your current IBM i operating system is something that can’t be kept waiting, especially since an upgrade is all that stands between your company either having the latest IBM i features or being locked into a costly system that will become obsolete. iTech Solutions offers plans that make Operating System upgrades seamless, affordable, and painless. Moreover, we can handle the entire upgrade process—from investigation to planning and implementation.