IBM i Disaster Recovery Testing

When was the last time you tested your IBM i recovery?


You back up different parts of your system daily, weekly, and monthly. When did you last try to put all the pieces back together? Have you ever? The iTech Solutions Disaster Recovery testing service provides a machine from which you can fully test out your recovery processes. With a flexible line of testing options, our technical support staff will analyze your backup methodology to help design the correct recovery processes. We will ensure that your company is saving everything you need in order to recover your system, whether you’re backing up to the iTech Solutions cloud or your company’s in-house equipment. All of our work is done without any impact to your current system and environment. Testing on our IBM i Power hardware helps ensure that in a disaster, you can recover your system.


There are a wide range of advantages that come with working alongside iTech Solutions, including being provided with:


  • A separate IBM i environment for testing your Disaster Recovery
  • Verification of your backup process
  • No interruption to production environments while you test
  • Easy-to-implement DR solutions that simplify management
  • Real-time replication between live system and backup systems
  • Quick recovery in the event of a disaster or problem
  • Available support from our experienced technical specialists