IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs (October 2021)

Below is a table of the major group PTFs for the last few releases. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.


7.4 7.3 7.2 7.1 6.1 V5R4
Cumul Pack 21238 21245 21084 17192 15063 12094
Tech. Refresh 5 11 9 11
Grp Hipers 63 140 200 276 210 204
DB Group 16 27 27 43 33 33
DB2 Mirror 13
Java Group 12 23 33 47 41 34
Print Group 3 13 31 49
Backup/Recov. 25 51 71 75 61 57
Blade/IXA/IXS 1 16 30 15
HTTP 14 33 45 53 46 36
TCP/IP 3 7 9 11 17 22
Security 23 64 97 106 60  33
High Availability 7 15 18 18  5
Hardware 2 18 35 44  17
Open Source 6 6 6

The easiest way to check your levels is to issue the command WRKPTFGRP. They should all have a status of installed, and you should be up to the latest for all the above, based upon your release. Now there are more groups than the ones listed above, but these are the general ones that most people require. We can help you know which group PTFs you should be installing on your machine based upon your licensed programs. Here is a nice tidbit. The Cumulative PTF package number is broken down as YDDD, where Y is the year and DDD is the day it was released. Therefore, if we look at the cumulative package for 7.3, the ID is 18023. We can determine that it was created on the 23rd day of 2018, which is January 23, 2018. Look at your machine and this will give you a quick indication of just how far out of date in PTFs you may be.


Fixes are listed below in the order in which they should be installed for each software version. If you are upgrading to a new release, install the base version from recovery media or network image and then apply updates in the order listed. If you already have fixes applied and your current fix level is not in this list, just start with the next higher-numbered fix pack in the list. Be sure to read the release notes for each HMC version, service pack, and PTF for installation instructions and prerequisites.


Not all software versions are supported on all HMC models. Check IBM’s Supported HMC Hardware Matrix to see which versions your HMC can run. Attempting to install an unsupported version can result in an unusable HMC.


HMC Version Fixes (recommended install order) End of Service
V9.2 for POWER-based
(7063-CRn) HMCs and
HMC Virtual Appliances
  1. SP951 MH01874
  2. MH01893
Not Announced
V9.1 for POWER-based
(7063-CRn) HMCs and
HMC Virtual Appliances
  1. SP931 MH01832
  2. MH01854
  3. SP941 MH01860
  4. SP942 MH01877
  5. MH01899

 September 30, 2021

V8.870 for POWER-based
(7063-CRn) HMCs and
HMC Virtual Appliances
  1. MH01707
  2. SP3 MH01794
  3. MH01819
  4. MH01848
August 31, 2019
V9.2 for x86-based HMC

Virtual Appliances ONLY

  1. SP951 MH01873
  2. MH01892

Not Announced

V9.2 for x86-based HMC

Model 7042-CR9 ONLY

  1. MH01857 (Install at v9.1 before upgrade to v9.2)
  2. SP951 MH01873
  3. MH01892

Not Announced

V9.1 for x86-based
(7042-CRn) HMCs and
HMC Virtual Appliances
  1. SP931 MH01831
  2. MH01853
  3. SP941 MH01859
  4. SP942 MH01876
  5. MH01898

September 30, 2021

V8.870 for x86-based
(7042-CRn) HMCs and
HMC Virtual Appliances
  1. MH01706
  2. SP3 MH01793
  3. MH01818
  4. MH01847
August 31, 2019
  1. MH01655
  2. SP3 MH01711
  3. MH01764
  4. MH01795
October 31, 2018
  1. MH01617
  2. SP3 MH01689
  3. MH01758
  4. MH01730

May 31, 2018

  1. MH01560
  2. SP3 MH01652
  3. MH01730
  4. MH01729

November 30, 2017

  1. SP3 MH01619
  2. MH01717

July 31, 2017

  1. SP3 MH01583
  2. MH01688

October 31, 2017

  1. SP3 MH01545
  2. MH01645

June 30, 2016

  1. SP3 MH01546
  2. MH01587
  3. MH01687

December 30, 2016

  1. SP1 MH01397
  2. SP2 MH01432
  3. MH01570

October 31, 2015

  1. SP3 MH01379
  2. SP4 MH01415
  3. MH01516

February 28, 2015

  1. SP4 MH01277

May 31, 2014

Important notes:

  • HMC v9+ is required to manage a POWER9 system. The new POWER9 “G” model firmware requires service pack 941 to be installed on the HMC. HMC v9 cannot manage POWER6 or older.
  • HMC v8+ is required to manage a POWER8 system. HMC v8 cannot manage POWER5 or older.
  • An update to HMC v9.2 for the x86-based physical HMC type-model 7042-CR9 *only* was released in March 2021.
    • For all other x86-based physical HMCs with machine type 7042, HMC v9.1 will be the final supported release.
    • Support will continue for x86-based virtual HMCs.
  • HMC v8.8.6 was the last release to include the “Classic” interface.
  • Beginning with HMC v8, the upgrade process supports a maximum span of two releases. Some examples:
    • HMC v8.8.1 supports upgrading from v7.7.8 and v7.7.9.
    • HMC v8.8.2 supports upgrading from v7.7.9 and v8.8.1.
    • HMC v9.1 supports upgrading from v8.8.6 and v8.8.7.
  • When upgrading to v8.8.6 or v8.8.7, carefully read the installation notes in the readme file before you begin. There is a step during the upgrade process which can fail without warning, leaving the HMC unusable. The only option when this occurs is to perform a fresh install of the HMC software and reconfigure the appliance from scratch. To that end, IBM provides a list of settings you should make note of before beginning the upgrade in case they are needed.


If you have a Flexible Service Processor (FSP) your firmware should be:

Machine Processor Model Version End of Service
POWER9 9009-22G, 9009-41G, 9009-42G, or 5105-22E VL950_087_045 Not Announced
9008-22L, 9009-22A, 9009-41A, or 9009-42A VL950_087_045 Not Announced
POWER8 8408-E8E, 8284-21A,  8284-22A, 8286-41A, or 8286-42A SV860_234_165 Not Announced
9119-MHE or 9119-MME SC860_234_165 Not Announced
POWER7+ 8231-E1D, 8202-E4D, 8231-E2D, 8205-E6D AL770_126_126  05/31/2018
8408-E8D, 9109-RMD AM770_126_126  05/31/2018
9117-MMD, 9179-MHD AM780_100_100  05/31/2018
POWER7 8231-E1B, 8202-E4B, 8231-E2B, 8205-E6B, 8233-E8B, 8236-E8C AL730_159_159 05/31/2018
9117-MMB, 9179-MHB AM780_100_100 05/31/2018
8231-E1C, 8202-E4C, 8205-E6C AL740_167_167  05/31/2018
9117-MMC, 9179-MHC AM770-126_126  05/31/2018
POWER6 9407-M15, 9408-M25, 9409-M50, 8204-E8A, 8203-E4A EL350_176_038 01/31/2017
9406-MMA, 9117-MMA, 9234-EMA EL350_176_038 01/31/2017
9119-FHA EH350_176_038 01/31/2017
POWER5 or 5+ 520, 515, 525, 550, 570 SF240_418_382 11/30/2012

Important note: For HMC-managed systems, POWER9 firmware level 950 requires HMC v9.2 M950 or higher. This HMC version will not run on x86-based HMC hardware (7042-CRn). If you have an Intel-based HMC, do not update your system to 950 firmware.

If you need help with upgrading your HMC or FSP just give us a call. We will be happy to perform the function for you or assist you in doing it. Contact us here.