POWER9 Install LAN Console Bug

Here is a quick heads up if you are planning to install a POWER9 system using LAN console.

A major bug was found in Client Access Solutions recently that prevents you from establishing LAN console sessions on systems where the SSL certificate has not been accepted yet. This is especially troublesome when the system has just been pulled out of the box and you cannot proceed with configuring it. Details of this problem and the solution can be found here.

To make matters even worse, there is now another bug that is preventing LAN console from connecting on new systems.

On recently shipped POWER9 systems there is a defective A side PTF that is preventing LAN console sessions from being established. The message ID that shows up is MSGSSL001. This is very similar to the error above, but that message ID is MSGSSL002. The simple solution to this problem is to shut the system down, change the control panel to boot from the B side, and then start the system again. You will then likely run into message ID MSGSSL002 if you’re using ACS, and then you’ll need to use the above workaround.

Be sure to pass this information along to any friends or co-workers who may be setting up a system soon. This will make their day much brighter!

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