Perform VIOS Backups to your HMC

Keeping your HMC (Hardware Management Console) up to date is not only good for security and for squashing pesky bugs, but it is also good for getting the latest features that have been added. Starting at 9.2.950 of the HMC code, IBM added the ability to backup your VIOS (Virtual I/O Servers) to the HMC. This feature makes it incredibly easy for anyone to capture a backup of each one of their VIOS and in the process get some peace of mind.

There are two options for backing up your VIOS:

  1. Virtual I/O Server Configuration Backup
  2. Virtual I/O Server Backup.

The Virtual I/O Server Configuration Backup is the easiest, quickest one to do, and it’s all that you really need. It creates a small file that includes all of the virtual mappings for your network and storage. You can also use the HMC to restore the mappings using this file.

The other option, Virtual I/O Server Backup, does an entire backup of the VIOS and is a much larger save. Oftentimes, an HMC will either not have enough or barely have enough space to keep full backups of VIOS. I only recommend doing these full backups if you are using a Virtual HMC with a lot of storage provided to it. Whichever method you choose, make sure you perform the backups for all of your VIOS partitions.

To perform one of these backups, you need to log into your HMC and go to Console Management > Templates and OS Images > VIOS Images > Manage Virtual I/O Server Backups.

There is a tab for both different types of backups. For the Configuration Backup, you’ll click on the Backup IO Configuration button to get started.

Select the Managed System where the VIOS partition resides. Then, choose the Virtual I/O Server you want to back up. Last, specify a name for the file and click Apply.

This will kick off a background process that will run for a few seconds. Click the Refresh button after a minute and you should see the backup file, along with details of when and what, and where it was saved.

I recommend performing these backups any time you make configuration changes in VIOS and before doing VIOS updates. Having a backup handy can potentially save you a lot of grief!


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1 thought on “Perform VIOS Backups to your HMC”

  1. Hi,

    I am checking out this article about VIOS Backup. I’ve run the backups on our VIOS1 and VIOS2 and from the HMC Web Browser, I can see the backup files.
    What is the folder of the backup files? I would like to connect with WinSCP to copy them to a backup folder on another server. I found some info that says it’s supposed to be in /data/viosbackup … but that does not exist.

    Thank you.

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