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When you live in the northeast United States, each season has its own charm and is totally unique. Although, nothing beats a New England fall. The leaves turn from green to golden yellow, sunburnt orange, and raspberry reds appear all over the gentle hills and the cool crisp air reminds you that snow isn’t too far away. Fall’s transformation reminds us of the constant change in our lives and the ability we have to create change for others, as well as improve our customer’s IBM i environments. It’s empowering and yet humbling.

At iTech Solutions, we are here to help our customers reach their goals, hold their hands along the way, and provide knowledge, know-how, and experience to get them out of any situation, as well as guide them in new endeavors to get the most from their systems.

The depth of our team, now allows us to provide help to many customers at once, but each person on the team brings different knowledge and experience that our customers leverage in many ways. As one of our customers told me recently, “It’s good to be an iTech customer”, I just smiled and thanked him for giving us the opportunity. As a customer, we hope you will tell us when we miss the mark, as well as when we hit the mark. Feedback is always a good thing, and you can always reach me at [email protected]. Your feedback greatly helps drive the changes we can make to serve you better. That’s the iTech Difference.

Let’s talk about a big difference between us and other IBM i Business Partners: knowledge, education, experience, and know-how. 


And we aren’t afraid to showcase that, as we did on November 9th and 10th for iAdmin Fall 2021. We had 24 sessions over 2 days, to educate not just our customers but the entire IBM i community. We heard some great feedback, and lots of “thank you” messages on the quality, professionalism, and educational aspects of the 2-day event. I am very proud of my staff and the work that went on to put that level of a conference on. If you were not able to join us last week, you can still register and watch the event on-demand through our site. We are already starting our plans for iAdmin Spring 2022.

In fact, we are planning on quite a few events for 2022, from baseball games to customer-only events, attending in-person conferences, and some roadshows. We are also looking at other events that are too soon in the planning stage to mention. We are going to try our best to get back to normal in 2022.

Here are our upcoming webinars:

View our full PDF December Calendar Here

November and December are always busy months, between holidays, vacation days, and last-minute projects everyone wants to be done prior to the new year. We are going all out, to meet our customer’s needs. Everyone at iTech Solutions wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. This will be the last regular newsletter for 2021, and our December issue will be a funny story on how iTech Solutions helped Santa save Christmas, yet again.

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear that annoying mask, and take care of one another.  Hopefully, everyone will get their vaccinations soon and life will return to normal.  I look forward to seeing everyone soon at the many conferences we will be attending.

This newsletter includes:

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