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March Madness is certainly going on here at iTech.   Let me tell you what I mean by that.

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First, we have had a record number of POWER Systems and SAN Storage happen this month.  We have our team all over the US installing new Power Systems and SANs.  I can see it just looking at my team’s calendars, but also in all our project plans we do with each customer during the installation process.  Depending on the configuration, options, number of partitions, etc that checklist can be anywhere from 100 to 300 steps for an installation. Each installation has its own unique project plan.  So, it’s not just the installers, it’s the project managers and the rest of the technical team.

We were just at our first conference of 2022, and really it was like our first real conference without worrying about COVID-19 in 2 years. OMG, it was great to see so many customers, have face-to-face conversations, and just be back to as close to what normal used to be. We were in Wisconsin for the WMCPA conference in March, next we have the Northeast User Groups (NEUGC) April 11-13 in Framingham, and then COMMON POWERUp in New Orleans May 23-27th.  I know the entire team is excited to talk and meet everyone. Don’t forget, wear your red iTech shirt at a conference and visit our booth for a little thank you present. For a list of sessions that Steve Pitcher and Pete Massiello we will be presenting at NEUGC in Framingham, MA visit our NEUGC Resource Page.

For a list of the sessions that Yvonne Enselman, Nilofur Kahn, Pete Massiello, Richie Palma, and Steve Pitcher are presenting at COMMON PowerUp 2022 in New Orleans visit our POWERUp Resource Page.

Don’t forget the biggest event of the spring…

…the iTech iAdmin 2022 Spring Conference, May 4th and 5th.

Over the last two years, our four 2-day events have had a combined attendance of over 3,100 people. Reserve those dates now on your calendar. May 4th and 5th.

May the fourth be with you as they say, but really once you have iTech Solutions on your side, you have all the “Power” you need. We had met Yoda once in a galaxy far, far away, and he said pointing to iTech “The force is strong with that one”.  Back to iAdmin, we will have approximately 24 sessions over 2 days, with an action-packed agenda.  You can expect sessions on IBM i System Administration to improve your skills, provide insight into new technologies, hear what is going on inside the IBM i world, and gain knowledge to make you a better IBM i System Administration. This is a $1,000 a person conference that we are giving to the community for free. Why? Well for a few reasons. We want to support the community that supports us. We want people to improve their skills and have more job security. If people know what and how to do various functions on their IBM i, then they will get a better return on their IBM i investment, and most likely keep their IBM i. After all, that is what everyone wants, more IBM i shops, and for current IBM i customers to stay on the platform. Of course, showcasing the skills of our technical staff will be on display as well.  I have an amazing team, and it is always nice to hear them present.  I learn from them each and every day, this is your chance to take advantage of their knowledge.

Registration is now open, and I highly recommend registering before we fill up.

So, what else is going on at iTech?

We hired our first Sales Development Specialist, Nilofur Kahn who you might know from meeting at COMMON or WMCPA. She will be working on making connections with people to see how iTech Solutions can help them with their IBM i needs. So, when she calls you, tell her welcome to the team.

Steve Pitcher did 3 sessions on Security last month, to help people understand just how vulnerable you may be to cyber-attacks. Look, the world is an unstable place right now, and there are people and governments that are looking to exploit any company they think they can get money from. They look for the weakest, as they will be able to get into those. If someone breaks into your computer environment and steals information, or encrypts your data so that you can’t use it, what are you going to do?  You need a recovery plan, and you need to test it out.

We did a security audit of a customer last week, and their last full system save was 6 years ago.  6 Years.  They performed a full system save this last weekend. If you don’t have a recent full system save, then please schedule it ASAP. If you need help, let us know how we can provide you with the kind of help you need to ensure you have a good backup. Remember, if you get hit with a cyber-attack, we can only recover what you save.

Here is a link to Steve’s last month’s IBM i security alert. February 2022 IBM i Security Alert | iTech Solutions Group Remember, it’s not if you will get attacked, it’s more like when you will get attacked. Take the precautions and steps necessary to stop them in their tracks. Certainly, don’t make it easy.

2022 Baseball Games

Looking forward to some baseball games in June and meeting customers, and non-customers at the games.  They are always so much fun, and we were doing these before COVID, and we want to get back to the games. We have games scheduled with the following teams:

  • Schaumburg Boomers – Tuesday, June 7, 2022
  • Michigan WhiteCaps – Wednesday, June 8, 2022
  • Worcester WooSox – Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • New Hampshire Fisher Cats – Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Tickets will be available next month. To sign up for more information and to be notified when tickets are available visit:

Don’t forget 2022 is also going to be an exciting year for all IBM i customers, with IBM having stated that the next version of the operating system will ship this year, as well as the low-end Power10 machines, will ship this year as well.  Let me tell you, there is nothing low-end about these next machines.  Be prepared to be impressed when IBM unleashes the wraps this year as promised.

Here are our upcoming events:

View our full PDF April Calendar Here

To those who have been consuming our newsletters, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and seminars look for more to come in 2022.  I have to ask you if iTech Solutions isn’t your Business Partner, what is your partner doing to help you take advantage of your IBM i?  Perhaps it’s time to come into the light, see what we have been doing to help other customers.  Switching to iTech is as simple as a phone call or email, so why not make the switch?


I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming conference.  Please, please, please come up and introduce yourself.  I always enjoy seeing our customers and talking to them to find out what keeps them awake at night.  Until then, stay safe and I look forward to seeing everyone soon at conferences and baseball games.

This newsletter includes:

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