Lock Into the Future of Power10

Not sure if you should buy a Power 9 now or wait until the Power 10 is announced and shipping?  We’re talking Scale-Out Systems here, as the Power 10 Enterprise Systems are readily available.  Are you one of those Customers that are a bit gun shy of buying one of the first units off the assembly line?  You’re a bit nervous of making best friends with your local CE, right?

IBM has an Incentive Program, sponsored by IBM Global Financial Services, which allows you to procure a Power 9 system today, and when you are ready, you can migrate into the Power 10 technology for a similar Monthly payment, considering the same configuration between models.

IBM Power 9 Systems eligible for this program are models 924 and 922 (Note: 914 servers are not included in the offer).

The Power 9 – S924, 4U system with (2) IBM Power 9 CPUs and either 20, 22, or 24 cores enabled, supports up to 4TB Memory and yields a maximum of 370,700 CPW.  These systems are a P20 Software Tier, from a Software licensing perspective.

The Power 9 – S922, is a 2U system with (2) IBM Power 9 CPUs and either 20 or 22 cores enabled, supports up to 4TB Memory, and yields a maximum of 370,700 CPW.  These systems are a P10 Software Tier, and require VIOS for IBM I software support.  There are specific configurations of the S922 that can support OS 7.1 for those Customers that can not upgrade their environment.

In comparison to the Power 8 S824-24 Core, the P924-24Core is a whopping 169% increase in CPW.  Can we fathom to guess where IBM will take us with the upcoming Scale-out Power 10 generation?

Now is a great time to upgrade from your currently installed Power 7 and Power 8 Systems to Power 9 and lock into the future of Power 10, with the assistance of IBM Global Financing and iTech Solutions.

Contact Sales at iTech Solutions and let them help you configure your next IBM Power System Solution.

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