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Well, June has been another action-packed month. Where did it go?  It seemed like it flew by, but we have been so busy on so many fronts, I can see why.  Certainly, June 21st was a big day in the IBM i world. First, it was the day that IBM i 7.4 became available to the general public.  Then, of course, we all know that June 21 was the 31st birthday of the AS/400. IBM i 7.4 has been full of new features and functions and having played with it now for over 3 months, I can tell you it has also been rock solid. 

We did a webinar on June 5th, How to successfully upgrade to IBM i 7.4, which was packed to the maximum that our webinar could hold. 

So, there was quite a lot of interest in the new release.  During the beta testing, we did 28 different upgrades to 7.4, testing out many different scenarios. I can’t wait to start helping customers upgrade to 7.4.   

Then we did our iTech Day of IBM i Virtual Education on Wednesday, June 26, with 6 sessions:

      • IBM i and Our False Sense of Security
      • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Admin
      • Live IBM i Q&A
      • Anatomy of a Bad Password
      • Moving from Classic HMC GUI to Enhanced GUI
      • IBM i in a Modern Compute Environment

This was a great success, with a full virtual room all day. We got some great feedback from the attendees, and these sessions can be viewed now as part of our library of videos.  Great job by everyone here at iTech for making this happen. 

I hope you remembered our “9 innings with POWER9” I told you about last month. We’ve had two baseball games so far. The first one with Boomers in Schaumberg, IL, and the other with the Ducks in West Islip Long Island. At the games, we have a suite and do a short presentation on POWER9 and IBM i 7.4, and then sit back, relax, eat, drink, and enjoy the game.  What a fantastic time at the games so far. 

See the events page for additional games coming to:

We hope if you are in the area you can make one of the games.

I hope you have heard about our Podcast which we started as well, iPOWER Hour. 

ipower hour podcast

Join us for monthly episodes hosted by IBM Power Systems Champion Pete Massiello, and Laurie LeBlanc. 

Topics include:

      • Hardware and HMC  
      • Technical tips
      • OS upgrades 
      • High availability/Disaster Recovery 
      • Backup and Recovery  (VTL & Cloud)
      • Lessons from the data center  
      • IBM i User and customer stories

[View Available Episodes]

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Introducing the POWER9 Playground

We are going to be rolling out a community cloud version of IBM i 7.4 for people to explore the new functions.  This system is for educational purposes only. Each user is given a library (username) and a home directory (/home/username). This is your space. If you want to install something (i.e., Open source software) then it should be installed there. User libraries and directories will be cleared regularly. If you’re looking for a dedicated IBM i hosting option, please visit our http://www.iinthecloud.com website for details. 

We are doing this to help the community explore 7.4 to register for a userid see https://info.itechsol.com/power9playground

The Power of POWER9

We have also been installing new POWER9 servers all across the country.  Nothing better than talking with the customer after the migration, and finding out how fast their jobs are running.  As one customer told me:

“On Saturday morning we were on our POWER7 machine, and in the afternoon we running up and running on our POWER9.  It was like magic”

I had to smile, it was magic. It was iTech Magic, out little elves know what to do, how to do it, and when it should be done.  We perform these often, so we have the recipe for success.  Wasn’t that how your last upgrade/migration was? If it wasn’t perhaps its time to ask yourself do you have the right business partner?

This newsletter includes:

Does your system send faxes or not?


IBM i at the Ballpark

[NEW] POWER9 Playground: Test out IBM i 7.4 on a POWER9

iPOWER Hour Podcast: Available Episodes


Release Levels and PTFs


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