iTech Solutions Featured in IBM’s 2020 iSight Blog

Tuesday, April 14th was a big day for the IBM i community. It was announcement day for Technology Refreshes for IBM i 7.4 TR2 and IBM i 7.3 TR8.

In honor of announcement day, Lifetime IBM Power Systems Champion and President of iTech Solutions, Pete Massiello, wrote The Business Value of Keeping your Hardware and Software Current, which has been featured in the IBM 2020 iSight blog series.

There are many resources that go into detail of the refresh itself, including Steve Will’s announcement blog, and events like iTech’s Sips & Tricks Coffee Series where Pete Massiello and Steve Pitcher will be discussing their favorite things about the refreshes.

However, Massiello’s blog shifts away from the Technology Refreshes themselves and dives deep into the reasons staying current on hardware and software can give you an advantage.

“In the world today, there’s more competition than ever. In order for a business to be successful, they must be able to quickly react to situations. Taking advantage of new technology to get a competitive advantage and having systems work smarter. Investing in infrastructure now allows us to take advantage of an opportunity when it arises. Businesses don’t have the luxury of time to react, therefore an infrastructure that is stable and able to quickly expand and scale is needed. These are some of the reasons companies place IBM i at the heart of their business computing.”, Massiello writes.

To read the full blog, you can access it here

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