Incorrect Search in the Service Action Log when searching on year 2019 or 2020

When using Service Tools, the Select Time Frame screen of the Service Action Log (SAL) option of the Hardware Service Manager (HSM) service tool incorrectly does not allow “From” or “To” dates with the year 2019 or 2020.

The SAL cannot search from or to dates in 2019 or 2020. The IdeTime Class has a quirk in that the constructor that the SAL search uses assumes dates beginning with 19 or 20 are being specified with the century value 19 or 20. That leads to other bad assumptions about the dates in the case of the SAL Select Time Frame screen, where the first 2 digits are always the year including if they are 2019 or 2020. All that leads to considering the dates as invalid and error messages on the screen, as above.

To fix this problem, apply one of the PTFs below for your release.  These PTFs can be applied Immediate or Delayed.

  • 7.1 MF65228
  • 7.2 MF65214
  • 7.3 MF65215

If you would prefer for iTech Solutions to handle all your PTF issues, then contact us via email.











7 thoughts on “Incorrect Search in the Service Action Log when searching on year 2019 or 2020”

  1. Great article. One addition; if you’re on 5.4/6.1 or don’t have the mentioned PTFs applied, you can bypass the error by selecting 18 to from date YY field and 21 to to date YY field.

      1. Michael Mayer

        I’m about to download and install this on our 7.2 partitions. Can’t find out or there doesn’t seem to be any pre-reqs for this. Any that you know of Steve?

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