IBM Power System Performance Comparison Power8, Power9, and Power10

IBM Power System Performance Comparison Power8, Power9, and Power10

In the IBM Power System user community, we have come to expect big performance gains in each new generation of IBM Power servers.  I personally have been so impressed over the years with what the IBM Power team delivers in each new family of IBM Power Systems.

Included in this article is a CPW performance comparison table between Power8, Power9, and Power10 Scale Out server models.  This comparison table is something I have put together for each new IBM Power System release since Power8.


Download a copy here:

Like with any model for comparing different generations and releases, we do our best to compare like with like models.  With IBM’s dedication to chip density, core counts per CPU grow.  With our comparison criteria being model type and core count, we are limited to just a few consistent models for net performance increase calculations.  With that being said, we were able to find at least one server for each model type across all three IBM Power System generations reviewed.

The provided “IBM Power System CPW Performance Comparison for Power8, Power9, and Power10” tells its own story, so I won’t spend too much time writing it in plain text.  I will say, that these machines are absolute beasts in the data center and leave it at that.

What this comparison table doesn’t speak to, is the investment IBM made to continue their long history of providing resiliency, dependability, and securability. While remaining dedicated to a reduction in overall energy consumption.

I hope you get some value from the IBM Power System CPW Performance Comparison Table.  As always, if you have questions related to IBM Power Systems and storage please reach out.  I would be happy to help in any way I can.  Get in touch when you’re ready to size out Power10 for your organization.  We will make sure your system is right-sized to support your current and future business needs.


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