Getting Lots of Information Quickly – The Handy QLZARCAPI Tool

There seems to be an endless supply of “Easter Eggs” in IBM i that you can uncover and say to yourself “now that’s a handy thing to have”, and here is one of them…

Many situations can present themselves where you need to get detailed specs information on an IBM i LPAR running in your environment, for example, you need to get pricing and/or licensing for a new 3rd-party software package and the vendor needs to know critical things like “what processor group is the system in” or “what is the LPAR ID” or “what is the system’s processor feature code”.  Well, there is one very handy IBM i API that you can call from any command line that will give you all that information and more, it’s called QLZARCAPI.

The API is very simple to invoke, first, call the QCMD command line interface to show the full command line environment:

Next, simply call the API:

The API will create a comprehensive formatted output right in the command line interface that will give you a boatload of critical system information, it looks just like this:

The output is logically broken-out into three discrete informational groupings:

  1. System Information
  2. Partition Information
  3. Processor Pool Information

Under System information you can determine:

  • Serial number of the system
  • System model & type
  • Processor feature code
  • Processor group
  • Maximum physical processors in the system
  • Number of configurable processors in the system

Under Partition information you can determine:

  • Network name of the system
  • Partition name
  • Partition ID number
  • Processor sharing type and sharing mode
  • Minimum processors required
  • Desired processors
  • Maximum processing capacity
  • Entitled (licensed) processing capacity
  • Minimum, desired, maximum, & online virtual processors

Under Processor Pool information you can determine:

  • Number of virtual processor pools configured
  • Pool ID of current processor pool in use
  • Maximum processing units for processor pool in use

Invoke the QLZARCAPI tool on your system and see for yourself the wealth of information that it provides.  It’s another simple yet powerful tool deep inside of IBM i that is super easy to use and can make your life just a little bit easier.


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  1. Thanks, Marc! I’m glad to know that this API exists. Now, how am I going to remember that name?

    Quick! Let Zorro and Romeo catch a possum instead.

    I’m open to a better idea.

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