Five Reasons Why Managed Security Makes Sense

Ransomware is a real threat, and many companies are turning to Cyber Security Insurance to help protect them in the event of an attack. Companies often need to implement solutions like anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and MFA to qualify for this insurance policy. The risk without it is too high.

Compliance is another reason that companies need to implement different security solutions like encryption, exit point monitoring, elevated authority monitoring, and exception reporting. Protecting the data is a crucial part of compliance.

Part of compliance is reviewing your security data for signs of a potential threat. In addition, compliance requires audits, which request lots of data about security events. The data is available in the QAUDTJRNL of the IBM i. Software solutions make it easier to access the data and report on it. Some solutions can also alert you in real-time to potential threats, which is when you want to find out about them.

Implementing security solutions is becoming more critical for companies. The struggle for companies is often the lack of resources or knowledge to do it adequately. I’ve been working with IBM i companies for over twenty-five years, and there is one thing that hasn’t changed: they have good intentions regarding security but often lack the resources or knowledge to do it properly.

# 1 Software becomes shelfware

Before I worked at iTech, I sold software for twenty years. One of the common issues companies have with acquiring software is they need to become an expert in that application. That means investing in training and then spending the necessary time to become familiar with the inner workings of the solution. The problem is often time. I’ve repeatedly seen that software becomes shelfware when no one is focusing on it. This is an even bigger issue with security because it can expose your data.

Not only is this a security threat, but it’s also an expense. The software has maintenance fees that you pay year after year for new releases and fixes. Often when the software becomes shelfware, companies continue to pay the maintenance, with the best intentions to use the software.

#2 New Threats

Security is not a set-it-and-forget-it item, or it shouldn’t be. There are always going to be new threats and vulnerabilities. This means you must continuously review your security posture and make continuous improvements. Things that were once deemed secure are identified as new threats, and you need to be ready to reduce your risk. Having a partner who is aware of new threats and can help you mitigate your risk is invaluable.

#3 Operations versus capital expense

You don’t have to acquire software and a resource with Managed Security. The software and the services are provided for a monthly fee. This also means you don’t have to make a capital investment to get started, making getting approvals easier. This reduces your risk even further because you can walk away with a minimum investment if the solution isn’t a good fit.

#4 IBM Certified Admin with IBM i security expertise

We all know that finding resources with IBM i skills is difficult. Finding someone with IBM i security skills is even more difficult. This is likely due to the old misconception that the IBM i is secure. This has led us to where we are today. Managed security is focused on developing a partnership with the customer to understand their business and their needs to protect their data. Our team of IBM Certified Administrators also have expertise in IBM i security. Our security experts become an extension of your team.

#5 Continuous security improvements

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, security is not a set-it-and-forget-it item. Your data is at risk if you’re not continuously looking for ways to harden your security. Having a partner focused on helping you make continuous improvements to your IBM i environment reduces your risk.

Implementing security solutions to protect your data doesn’t have to be daunting. You can reduce risk and meet your compliance or insurance requirements with the right partner. Managed Security for IBM i makes sense when you consider what it offers.

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