Day: July 27, 2022

Do You Want It All in Life? You Probably Already Do

Often, we are put in a position where a life evaluation is needed. It is important to ask ourselves questions to really understand where we want to be in life. A few questions that will come up are, what are you working towards, what do you want from life, and most importantly, what do you consider the perfect life?

I remember constantly being asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.
As I grew older, the question became, “where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years?”. Technically, it is the same question, just in different contexts. Most people will have very similar answers; a successful career, the perfect home, raising children, maintaining relationships, being able to take care of yourself and feeling the best all the time, being liked by everyone, and no conflicts or stress. In other words, you want it all and then some.

But can you have it all?

Where did the idea come from? Who came up with this vision of the perfect life?
The term, having it all was used to describe a woman’s journey to finding the perfect balance between personal and professional life. Nowadays, women are NOT the only ones affected anymore. Men are equally burdened by it. We simply all want it and work hard to get it. Truth be told, we are all striving to fight for this unrealistic expectation that can ultimately take a toll on your health, relationships, and even your career.

When working toward something so unreal, we begin to operate like robots because we are constantly in the mode to get things accomplished instead of enjoying the small pleasures of life. It is a downward spiral that only leads to your own demise.

Let me explain.

Having it all is considered an aggressive personal goal and looked upon as a demand from society. Aiming toward that goal and with the severe lack of time to do so will only add stress. You begin to only pay attention to the things that are in front of you which can cause horrible mood swings and extreme fatigue. You will affect not just yourself, but everyone around you.

It begins to weigh down on you, your close ones, and most likely your performance at work. You are not capable of being your best self. You want the perfect life, but you are working so hard …

July 2022 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

Well to say July was the month of all months combined would be an understatement.  First, and foremost iTech Solutions was acquired by Service Express, a leader in global data center and infrastructure solutions, announced the acquisition on July 1st of managed services provider iTech Solutions Group and cloud hosting provider iInTheCloud.…

Are You Staying Current?

We at iTech are asking our customers if they are ready to receive the next set of PTFs or upgrade their OS to something newer. As Pete showed in a recent presentation, there are benefits to the processing you’re responsible for by doing these updates. Anyone who has worked on almost any platform has had to apply one patch that fixed that one annoying issue that you can finally cross off your daily list.

But what about you and your career? Our worlds are busier than ever with so many demands; are you taking the time to improve your personal situation in one small way?

For me, one thing that has added to my success over my career has been the incorporation of “update time” for me. I am not writing this to get into the motivational speaker circuit or to increase the number of people who are using our iTech website. Below are just some of the things I do or have done that equated to improved work experience that also improved my skills to improve my career. None of these are perfect but neither are our worlds. Mostly this is not things you have not heard about, but hopefully, these items serve you as a gentle reminder they are meant to be. Many can be accomplished by blocking off just one hour a week.


In larger shops, there tend to be people specializing in certain subjects. Then those people are always the go-to for those same issues. Hopefully, your management will recognize these bottlenecks in your organization and approve scheduled cross-training meetings. I was put in charge of working within my group and/or bringing in someone from another group to review a skill monthly. This was so successful in reducing the need to call people when they were out. And because not everyone likes presenting, this was accomplished with both casual screen sharing by the SME to the very formal presentations.

If approved, inevitability, the presenter might not be able to make the assigned date. What a terrific opportunity to go to your favorite vendor’s website and play a relevant video or two 😊.


I have been fortunate on more than one occasion to find a coworker who was already expanding their skills but wanted to work with someone. We did some checking and there were 2 or 3 of us who were interested in the …

Four Reasons to implement MFA for your IBM i

Four Reasons to Implement MFA For Your IBM i

As I like to say, “IBM i runs the world.” The major industries such as Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Trucking, Healthcare, and Insurance all run their core business functions on IBM i. They do this because it is the most reliable, available, and secure platform. If all the IBM i data disappeared, I’m not sure what would happen. I know it wouldn’t be good.

#1 Data Protection

Data is your company’s most critical asset, and protecting your data should be on the top of your list. Ransomware attacks continue to rise worldwide, making data protection the most crucial area companies should focus on today. Companies spend lots of money to ensure their IBM i systems are reliable and available, but sometimes they neglect the security because they believe it’s secure out of the box. A false sense of security has been the cause of successful ransomware attacks on IBM i.

Compromised credentials continue to be a leading cause of data breaches, followed by misconfigured software settings and third-party software vulnerabilities. When Steve Pitcher does a penetration test, he looks for users with default passwords. That is often the foot in the door he needs to be able to exploit the vulnerability of a system. If compromised credentials are part of the problem, then this is where we need a solution.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can help prevent bad actors from accessing your sensitive data even if they can compromise the credentials of one of your IBM i users. MFA isn’t a new concept. We’ve all logged into an application and have had to enter a code we receive in our email or cell phones. In some cases, you may even have a physical token you need to use to access data. While we see companies have adopted MFA for some of their environments, many have not implemented it on IBM i.

The basic premise of MFA is that you sign on with something you know, have, or are. Your password and user ID is typically the thing you know. It’s also the easiest thing for someone else to know. Something you have is typically your email or your phone. The assumption is that someone else doesn’t have access to your password, email, or phone. Something you are refers to biometrics, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition. This added layer of protection is meant to stop someone …