Day: June 24, 2020

SSH Public Key Setup Using ACS

The world has a lot for us to disagree about, but if there’s one thing we can get the whole world to agree on, is that passwords are a major pain. Passwords are the necessary mechanism for securing many things, but where passwords are not required and still allow for secure authentication is where everyone would prefer to be.

IBM i has had the option for public key authentication for SSH users for a long time now. It allows you to establish SSH connections without having to provide a password. This is great for running automated jobs, and for developers who frequently need to access the system. There is a nice Redbook that details the steps for establishing this, and is still a good read for establishing SSH connections from IBM i to another IBM i system, but a recent version of IBM i Access Client Solutions has made it significantly easier to establish public key authentication from your workstation to the IBM i server. I’m going to cover the steps you’ll need to accomplish this.…

Hidden Gems in IBM’s QMGTOOLS Utility Library

The sweetest things in life are free, right?

If you have ever had a complex support case with the IBM i support team in Rochester, they may have instructed you to install the “QMGTOOLS” system utility to gather and also possibly send critical problem-solving information to them to help resolve your system’s issue.  The “MG” in “QMGTOOLS” stands for “Must Gather” as the genesis of the tool was a requirement to package a bunch of commands that collect information that “must be gathered” to resolve certain kinds of support issues.  For many of you, working with QMGTOOLS to provide info to IBM on a technical problem may have been the first time that you’ve ever dealt with the QMGTOOLS utility package, and for many of you who have only worked with QMGTOOLS at IBM’s direction on a support case, or, never even heard of it, read on……