Day: April 29, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

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How are you making out?  I hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe and well.  I am glad to report that everyone at iTech is doing well.  Not saying that we aren’t all going stir-crazy, but that is better than the alternatives. We are adjusting to the new paradigm of the world, just as many of you are right now.  I was telling someone the other night (over the phone of course), that just because we are working from home doesn’t mean we are working less, we are probably working more.  For those of us not used to working from home, which I am certainly one of, it is not as easy as just throwing your laptop down on the table and starting to work.  That is why we started doing our work from home series, entitled Sips and Tricks.…

Why it Matters to Have an IBM i Cloud Expert

With many companies considering a move to the cloud, it’s important to note that not all clouds are created equally.  There are many providers for cloud hosting. Some are application providers who host the application and your data in their cloud, and others host your infrastructure.  Some are experts in the hardware and OS and others are application experts.  You should consider what is most important to your company before you select a cloud provider.

It’s important to start with the end goal in mind.  What do you want to accomplish long term?  Is it the complete outsourcing of IT or are you just looking to replace your hardware and you are not looking to purchase it?  Are you looking to implement DR or HA and you don’t have a second location?  Do you want to rely more on the application vendor?  Are you looking for someone to manage your environment?  Or is the goal to save money?…