Day: August 26, 2019

Introducing VERIFi by iTech Solutions


It is my pleasure to introduce to you a new product from iTech Solutions. We first developed this for our Managed Services (MSP) customers, and after so many great comments we decided to make it available to everyone.  While our MSP customers get this report daily, this report on our new offering will be sent our weekly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an experienced IBM i System administrator give you a report each week on the status of your system? 

BRMS *SAVSYS BYPASSED for a Control Group

Have you ever seen or gotten a BRM1744 during a BRMS full system save or SAVSYSBRM?  Here is what you need to do to resolve this, and I am only going to address V5R3M0 and above. When a SAVSYS is performed through BRMS using a backup control group or the SAVSYSBRM command, BRMS will automatically attempt to end the system to a restricted condition by issuing the following command:


Hey, we just moved a bunch of Domino servers from Windows to IBM i!

Every now and then you get to help a customer via a cool solution.


We have a customer who was running three Domino 9 servers (mail, applications and Traveler) on three separate physical Windows servers at various OS versions. One of these servers was drastically underpowered from both processing and network throughput perspectives. Furthermore, nightly maintenance jobs (compact, updall, fixup) were not completing due to the large size of the databases and the underpowered servers. The lack of processing and network speed made backing up those Domino servers a challenge over the network. Each night the Domino backups would take over eight hours.…

Keeping your HMC Running Smoothly: Updating the HMC

Last month, I talked about the importance of the HMC and how it shouldn’t be ignored. That leads to the question: How do I keep it running smoothly? The full answer can be pretty complex. In fact, Pete regularly speaks at conferences on the topic of HMC maintenance and the presentation can easily fill a 90-minute session. Today, I’d like to set our sights a bit lower and just talk about the basics of HMC updates. IBM regularly releases Service Packs and PTFs for each version of the HMC software currently in support, and keeping the software updated will help prevent problems.

Before we can update anything, we are going to need to know what HMC hardware and software we are using so let’s start with gathering that information first. If you’re using the Classic GUI, you can find your HMC software, hardware, and serial number information by either hovering your mouse cursor over the HMC Version link at the top of the Welcome screen, or by clicking the Updates link in the left-hand menu. In the new Enhanced+ GUI, you can find it by clicking the help menu in the upper-right corner and then selecting About; an information window will pop up with all of the relevant details.…

August 2019 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

Summer seems to have gone so fast as Labor Day weekend approaches.  Where did it go?  How come winter doesn’t seem to go as fast as summer?  I hope you were able to take some vacation, recharge your batteries, relax with family and friends, or visit some great locations. My summer was busy but I also had a chance to enjoy it.…