May 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • IBM i PTF Maintenance
  • Operations LAN Console changes for IBM i 7.3
  • How many Virtual Processors do I have?
  • 7.3 Items to be Aware of when Upgrading to IBM i 7.3
  • Release levels and PTFs

It’s been a great spring, and we are looking forward to an amazing summer. We hope you get a chance to enjoy the extra daylight and the warmth of the sun. As the end of May is upon us, we are finding continued growth in the IBM i community, as well as here at iTech Solutions.  We have been adding new customers and employees in 2016 as we continue our year over year growth, and all we do is IBM i. I like to tease when someone asks me “Only IBM i?”, and I say “Is there anything else?”  We do see continued investment in IBM i by IBM with the release of IBM i 7.3; and the updated road mapshowing additional releases (iNext and iNext+1) along with technology refreshes for 7.2 & 7.3 on a six month cadence.  There were some great things that we covered in last month’s newsletter.  We were just at the COMMON conference in New Orleans and it was great to meet so many of our existing customers there who stopped by and spoke to Rick, Paul, and Pete.  The conference was full of energy.  At the conference, I was talking to one of the IBM executives during the expo and he asked me how we are continuing to grow.  I said simple, we have knowledgeable employees who know what they are doing and a commitment to our customers to go beyond their expectations. He looked and me and said, “Yes, that sure seems like a winning formula”.  It is, and we will continue to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, as we want them to know they have a partner they can depend on.…