April 2012 Newsletter


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In this issue of the newsletter, I want to focus on IPLs, as I have been talking with quite a few customers lately about IPLs, how often, when, how, and I thought this would be a good theme for this month.  One question that I get asked often is how often should I IPL.  My answer to this, is no less than quarterly.  What? Yes, just one IPL every few months is all that you need.  If you are a heavy user of temporary storage, you might need to monitor this, and perhaps do it more often, but the reason why you don’t want to IPL too much is performance.  To be more precise, database performance. Why would this be.  The SQL Plan Cache is cleared during each IPL. The Plan Cache is a repository that contains the access plans for queries that were optimized by SQE.  The Plan Cache is interrogated each time a query is executed in order to determine if a valid access plan exists that satisfies the requirements of the query. If a valid access plan is found, it is
used to implement the query. Otherwise a new access plan is created and stored in the Plan Cache for future use.  Note, with the latest Database Group PTF, the size of the Plan cache can now be larger holding more information to make the database performance better.  See, it pays to be on the latest release, at the latest PTF level.


This issue of our newsletter has five articles. In the first, we will discuss IPLs, how often, when, and how.  The second article is about one of my favorite commands used during IPLs.  The third article lists some of the upcoming events in which iTech Solutions will be participating.  The fourth article is about recent IBM hardware announcements. The last article is for your reference with updated PTF information. Please note that we have added a new PTF group to our recommended list, which is the High Availability Group.  If you are an iTech Solutions PTF Maintenance customer, you will receive this on your next application of PTFs.

If you are still on V5R4, send Pete an email and he can help you upgrade to 6.1 or 7.1. With over 380 6.1/7.1 upgrades done to date you know iTech Solutions has the expertise and