March 2011 Newsletter


Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to all those in Japan who are suffering from the devastating earthquakes, tsunami, and now nuclear issues.  As the days unfold, the human toll is going to grow, and it is just unbearable to see the suffering on their faces as we watch the news.  Helping others is always good for your soul, but in times like these, no matter how big or small your help is, I am sure it will be appreciated.  Look at how quickly things changed for those people in northern Japan.  It could happen in an instant to any of us.


As human beings, we are affected by the human suffering in Japan, and as IT professionals, there are also many lessons we should learn from what happened.   Disasters happen, and we need to be prepared for them with proper testing.  There is probably no other country who is more prepared for earthquakes than Japan.  Their infrastructure takes earthquakes into account:  e.g., their buildings are not as rigid to actually allow them to sway, and their citizens practice evacuations. No matter how much you prepare and test, sometimes you can’t account for everything.  Look at the nuclear reactors.  Those are designed to withstand an earthquake, backup pumping stations were in place, and generators to power the pumping stations were ready in case of lost power, yet they didn’t realize that the tsunami would flood their generators.  They probably tested those generators all the time, as well as the backup pumps.  They just never thought about the water from the tsunami.  This is what disaster recovery testing is all about.  You test different scenarios, you validate your procedures, you try to account for all situations.  In this month’s newsletter, I want to address some of the items you should be thinking about.



We have packed a lot of information into this newsletter, and I hope that you find this useful. This issue of our newsletter has six articles. In the first, I want to continue our series on backups with focusing on your tapes.  The second article is on connecting your UPS more than just IBM i.  The third article is on tape compatibility.  The fourth article asks “Would you like to have High Availability but don’t have a second machine?”  The fifth article lists some of the upcoming events in which iTech Solutions will